Club History

In the summer of 2000 a group of basketball players from the South West, led by Marc Eggleton and his former coach Alan Barber, put their heads together and created a new basketball team. They wanted to form a club that catered for all levels of basketball players, right from the entry level through to a progression to higher levels of play. They felt at the time that this type of club was not available in the area.

By the end of August 2000, just prior to the first season for the Revolution, they had created a welcoming environment for experienced and new players alike, and had approximately 15 active players from various areas around the County and beyond.

In the first season for the club (2000 / 2001) Taunton Revolution won Division 2 of the Exeter & District League, surprising many of the opposing teams. From this season the team were promoted into the first Division of the Exeter League and seemed to never looked back.

Building on the solid coaching foundation and work ethics of their Head Coach Alan Barber, the team were coached to perform against the best and enjoyed success in both Division 1 and the Men’s Open Cup Competition in many of the first six seasons.

In 2006 Alan Barber would retire from the team, and since this time some of the faces, and the home venue, has changed. The success however has continued on the whole, and despite one or two disappointing seasons during the last 14 years the team has done well.

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